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Trapped in a Nightmare

I was trapped in a nightmare created by my own self.

#Mentalhealthday I was trapped in a nightmare created by my own self. I felt alone, lost, defeated, and like I was suffocating. Trapped by the heartache, financial strife, weather, chores, the normal day to day things that needed to be done. Why does everyone else seem to have it all together and I can’t seem to even get myself off the couch. Where had all the joy and excitement gone? Why are my stupid emotions drowning me? I felt like I was standing in the middle of a field with a hundred ropes tied to me and at the end of all of them, was something or someone pulling me. Pulling me until I break. To be honest, some days I still struggle with this feeling. This may sound extreme to many. One of my struggles was also the feeling of not being justified to even feel this way. I really don’t have it that bad. But #mentalhealth issues are real. I denied it for a long time. I’m trying to embrace it now and with that has come healing. Talking about it is important! Whether you’re a small hobby farmer or someone working in Big Ag. This lifestyle isn’t easy physically or mentally. And those mental hardships are often the hardest. ________________________________ I found @the.naked.farmer earlier this year and was immediately inspired. It brought beauty, humour, and support to something that many people in agriculture may feel alone in dealing with. It got me talking about it. Realizing I’m not alone in this. It also made me grateful for what I do have here. My struggles seemed small to those in comparison. For example, in Australia where #thenakedfarmer movement was created, they have been dealing with a major drought. The hardship that this has caused farmers there is something that is hard for us living in the wet Pacific Northwest to fathom. ______________________________ So why am I baring my bum for all the world to see? To inspire others to see beauty in the chaos. To know that you are not alone in the struggle. To get people talking about mental health. It is ok and it is normal. We can get through this together! Let's give each other some grace because you never know what we are all going through on the inside. @goodinfamilyfarm @island_jenn_photography



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